Blue Bracelet + Replacement belt

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The blue degree of water color, Mizu-iru-obi. His symbolism means fluency and the ability to adjust. Water can flow into every crack and by drilling can crush the rock. Wearing blue bracelet, the student hone the skills of just such adaptation and search for weaknesses of the opponent. For the adept at this level, it is also important to learn not only the body but also the emotions control.

Please choose a blue bracelet (8 kyu) or blue bracelet with a yellow stripe (7kyu) below.

Blue Bracelet + Replacement yellow belt with yelloe stripe (8 and 7 kyu)
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Kyokushin Belts – Basic Level

  • Orange karate belt (10 kyu and 9 kyu – with blue stripe)
  • Blue karate belt (8 kyu and 7 kyu – with yellow stripe)
  • Yellow karate belt (6 kyu and 5 kyu – with green stripe)

Kyokushin Belts – Intermediate Level

  • Green karate belt (4 kyu and 3 kyu – with brown stripe)
  • Brown karate belt (2 kyu and 1 kyu – with black stripe)


Kyokushin Belts – Master Level

  • Black karate belt: black karate belts are entitled to golden stripes, depending on the degree of dan (1 – 10).