Why bracelets?

When we wrere creating For Fighters bracelets we had in mind the fact that both ,creating the image and building a community, requires not only solid idealistic foundations, but also visual identification. For example, a social group like goths who choose dark clothes, heavy makeup and studded leather jewelry. It aims to emphasize belonging to the group and to express the ideology that the group is guided by.

A similar keystone led us when we designed For Fighters bracelets. The karate community already has its symbolism – suites, organization logo, Kyokushinkai emblem, Kanku, karate belts. Our mission was to create something that could accompany warriors every day – it is not possible for every karate figter to dress in karategi and tie a belt during normal, working day. We were looking for something that would not encumber in everyday life – at school, in the office, on a trip with family – and at the same time reminded about belonging to a society of karate and following the proper warrior code in life.

Bracelets For Fighters are miniatures of karate belts. Their colors correspond to the current level of advancement of its owner. They are made of soft, very pleasant to the skin leather, and their fasteners are made of stainless steel, which will not cause any allergic reactions on the skin. They are discreet but stylish, they fit both to sports clothes and to suits. For an outsider they may be a simple decoration, for karate adept we met on the road, they are a sign that he is someone who values the ideology that is instilled in his mind in dojo ad strives to unite the spirit and the body. Bracelets have to unify warriors, and allow them to stand out from the crowd, while maintaining modesty – which is compatible with the karate ideology and label.

Bracelets have replacable bands, thanks to which they mature with the user. Just as an adept acquires more skills and stripes, they are „g” on his bracelet. They remind him of the he puts into his development, as well as of the path he still has to overcome on his way to the masterful ideal.

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